Oslo: Signal Integrity with Hands-On, 16+17 October, 2012

As announced, we have a Signal Integrity Course with Hands On in Oslo coming up in just 5 weeks, so it’s about time you sign up if you want to learn more.

Personally I think signal integrity is such an important topic for all electronic design engineers and pcb layout engineers, that we all need to educate ourselves to help our industry maintain its competitive edge. When hiring hardware developers, it’s also one of the first skills I look for.

While working with SI training, troubleshooting and plain design work over the last 15 years, I have over and over again observed what a difference it makes when SI is taken seriously in the design work. Getting to products that work reliably in less time can many times be achieved just through careful attention to signal integrity.

After completing this course, you should be able to reduce the number of board spins for your future designs. Many previous course participants have achieved this with significant savings in cost and time as a result. A very significant benefit that easily offsets the cost and time spent on the course.

The Course

We are presenting on the 16+17th of October in Asker:

“Signal Integrity with Hands-On Simulation”

This is a course that has been taught successfully to hundreds of danish engineers, and we are now taking this out across Europe. The two days interchange between theory and hands-on lab exercises using modern simulation tools. Its all designed to teach you how to actually go about designing real circuits with SI simulations as a natural part of the design flow. The best way of designing now and for the future.

SI boils down to four very key topics, which are addressed in detail: Reflections, Crosstalk, Power Integrity and Simultaneous Switching Noise. Learning how to simulate and design around these four cornerstones will get you a very long way. With increasing signalling speeds, several other issues surface and is dealt with as well. This includes losses in transmission lines, differential signalling, PCB routing rules, designing PCB stack-ups and understanding material properties

In Summary

All in all, two days that can be used to bring you up to speed on SI, or work as a great refresher if you are not using your skills in this area enough.

The course is taught with a maximum of 16 participants, to give plenty opportunity to ask questions within or outside of the course material.

The specific tools used in the lab exercises are from Cadence – but focus is not on the specific tools, but rather on understanding the principles of the circuits analyzed.


  • Two days of professional training from 9:00 to 16:00
  • Lunch and coffee breaks
  • A full binder with the comprehensive course material (250 pages)


Rolf V. Østergaard is M.Sc.EE from Denmark, has worked with Lee Ritchey in Silicon Valley, started a 25 person consulting company Axcon and ran it for 8 years and now specializes in signal integrity consulting and training across Europe.

Other Courses

This course goes well with the 3-day “Lee Ritchey: Signal Integrity” course we have organized in Scandinavia several times (the next one is going to be in Stockholm next summer). Many previous participants have enjoyed both courses. One being more theory, this one being more hands-on. A good complement.

If the dates do not work well for you, the course is also available in Aalborg, Denmark on October 23+24th (you will however have to stay for the weekend if you really want to experience the famous party street in Aalborg).

This course can also be given on-site at your company. If you pay for 8 participants or more, we can arrange the dates to suit you. The topic needs to be understood by all participants of a hardware design team in order for the results to be really impressive, so this lends itself well to on-site training.


For this course, two partners are working side by side to make this possible. Silica provides the training facilities in Asker and helps with the marketing. Gateline, the Cadence distributor, provides simulation tool licenses and helps with the marketing as well.

It is important to note that we do not receive any kickback from the partners. Marketing and organizing high quality courses is both costly and requires a lot of marketing effort. Using partners make this possible. We do allow partners 5 minutes to present themselves at the course, but never in a pushy sales pitch kind of way. They know, and we know, that you won’t like that – so it wouldn’t work anyways. Hope you understand.


The sign-up process is on the web. Locate the course and hit sign-up. We accept standard credit cards or issue a regular invoice. If the sign-up process creates any difficulties for you, please do not hesitate to let us know.